Avion (Greater)

The great king


High King Avion is beyond the strength of anyone else at his time. only the madness has ever dealt any kind of blow. since there where to other heroes of his measure at that time, an exact level canot be calculated.


A child of prophecy, born on the materia plane, Avion’s entire life he was sheltered. Upon his birth, the hand of an unnamed goddess, as black as the darkest night’s sky, came down and cradled his head. The words whispered from her unseen lips where forever etched into the family’s mind.

“Keep this herald of peace safe. Through this boys wisdom, he shall bring enlightenment. through his strength, he shall bring peace. No matter how troubled my world gets, when this boy arives, we shall know peace.

And so they did. the boy never knew of the conflicts of the outside world. He was removed from the problems of mortal men, but rather taught scripture after scripture of the gods. After he read every religious scripture about the gods, he moved onto magic, then swordplay. by the age of 7 he had become accomplished enough to create his own spells, he created his own styles of fighting, and he could understand the gods themselves, and it was in that moment that Elphion deemed it time.

The next few weeks were troublesome to Avion. He suffered night after night from dreams that wouldn’t fade when we awoken. for almost an hour after waking he would find himself in a lush garden (the same place from his dreams), but would run into walls he couldn’t see. It was only after waking that he would see that they were the walls of his room. He longed for this new place so, for off in the distance, beyond the walls of his room, he could see people. Never before has Avion questioned his parents orders to never look to the outside, but now he longed for companionship. His only ally against the fight of loneliness was his toad, Merlin. but after not too much longer he could he stand it.

The day before his 8th birthday Avion cast a spell of his own creation to walk outside of his home, and into the forest he never knew surrounded it. The feeling of the grass, rock, and broken twig, both invigorated and pained him. He had grown sensitive during such a shielded upbringing. As he looked around, amazed at his surrounding, a beautiful voice called out to him. He searched for it in the darkness, but never found it. as he wandered a little further, a great light flushed over him. an arch of white oak with a beautiful spiral of light in its gap pulled him closer and closer, until he held out a hand and touched it.

Light slowly faded back into Avion’s vision. He thought he was dreaming… this was the valley that had taunted him so many nights before. and just as before there was someone off into the distance. This figure was dressed in black, and had fair skin, with complexion like that to an elf. As he drew closer he noticed he was no longer restricted and was free to move as far and as fast as he wanted. After only a few moments he reached her, and she was more beautiful than anything he had ever seen before. Her words sounded as familiar as they did foreign, and as frightening as they did beautiful.

You are the chosen savior of my home, Avion. This place shall from this day on be your home, and in the far future your grave. You will unite it, you will govern it, you will bring a peace that will span centuries. But before you can Lead, you must learn.

And with those words Avion’s Sight grew darker again. the last thing he saw was her leaning over, the last thing he felt was her kiss on his cheek, and the last thing he heard was the word…


When Avion had awoken, there was a long sword on his side and a backpack sitting in front of him. as he looked into it there where provisions for a few days, a map, and a strange stone. Avion opened up the map to find that it led to several small camps of different types of creatures, and next to each camp was a list of instructions to diplomatically gain control of them. At the bottom there was also a note written in celestial. It told of the important job of unifying the country under a single ruler. And so his quest began, exploring the far reaches without any reason more than the enticing words of a goddess he didn’t know. He had soon found the stone to be most useful, as whenever he rubbed it with his fingers a strange aura would pour out, calming anyone who was around him. With smooth words and shows of great magical skill Avion had progressed past many towns, each falling to his soon to be famed charisma.

As he became an adult, the now Great King Avion had ties and relations to every body of power in all of Terra. But as we all know, no good thing can last forever.

Avion (Greater)

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