The country of Avion

The country of Avion is the largest country in all of Terra, taking up two different terrains from Material Planes (see continental Portal storm).

the North and North-Eastern parts are forested, and house many fey creatures and the like. Its wildlife is as diverse as its flora, housing over 400 unique non-magical animals, and over 1200 plants (at least 500 being only native to this Portion of Terra and no other place in existence).

The South and South-Eastern part of the country of Avion consists of grasslands, small and spread out forests, large aquifers, caves, and swamps. though wildly more diverse in terrain, this land is usually inhabited by magical creatures more so than true animals. Most wood elves call this place home, but strangely enough so do many Drow. To read about this class conflict go to the Races Portion of the wiki.

The politics of The country of Avion are based mostly on economic motivation. The only true Allies to The country of Avion are the people of Dwemiria. This allegiance is spawn of a constant need of war machines by Avion. Avion will provide the lumber needed by many dwarven weapons, and in return gain an army of builders and forgers at any moments notice. Also, on a smaller scale, many businessmen find no problem traveling the borders so that they can sell and buy the materials exclusive to both.

The country of Avion is a bustling economic superpower, and has many trade agreements with all of Terra, even the land of Aviks, who it is almost always hostile to. The order of its trade goes…

  • Raw plant materials (wood) → Dwemiria, The land of Aviks (Chapuu mostly), certain Orcel ports.
  • Finished Wepons and other building materials from Dwemiria → Avion
  • Both magical and non-Magical minerals from AviksAvion
  • Art from Orcel → Avion

The country of Avion

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