The land of Aviks

A mostly lawless land, Aviks can be a tough place to survive. The only government to speak of is a loose agreement between several city-states and the loose word of the crimson king. The ruler, King Aviks, is a believer in the philosophy that chaos is the only thing in this life that is fair. Most economic activities are done without any say from the overhead government. In fact many believe that one does not exist, but rather that the city-states simply respect the words of their king.

The land of Aviks has only two terrains. Desert and savanna. This makes most forms of farming impossible away from the rare oases, so the majority of the food comes from nomadic herders and magical process. The alchemist’s collage of Delkin will often send emissaries to go and assist on this matter.

To the surprise of many, The land of Aviks has a strong military. With no border patrol, no ID, and no tabs kept by the government, the only reason people would immigrate is to have the absolute freedom that is only available here. Such beliefs often spark willing soldiers to fight for this cause. Combine that with the hardships the land has and the often involvement with bandit groups and mercenaries, and almost any citizen can make a very able solider, albeit unorganized.

Because of its structure, its hard to put down The land of Avik’s Economy on paper, but something exclusive to the land is the trade of valuable minerals of strange quality to both Avion and Dwemiria. Outside of that, The land of Aviks is a rather diverse place. Some cites are know for animal hunting, others for monster training. Mercenaries are never hard to find, and can sometimes be employed simply by paying your soon to be mugger. Aviks is also the only place in Terra that has no market laws, so if you are looking for questionable materials (perhaps human bodies or deadly poisons), and you don’t have the time to devote to finding things on the down low, most major markets have a “black” district where these things can be found.

Of coarse we can’t talk about Avik’s economy without mentioning Chapuu, the center of all the planes trade. While it seems as a kind of exception, having a mild control over what can and cannot be sold during certain hours. For more information please visit its page.

The land of Aviks

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