Ephixa Redleaf

Greater Witch of the Avikian Plains


Thin strands of shimmering pale blonde hair adorned the crown of this un-aging Elf, sheathing beyond a pair of far-seeing golden pupils, not natural of course, but holding deep within them a knowledge capable of causing madness.


From the moister plains of northern Aviks comes forth a tribeswoman of Elven descent, by the birth name of Roi’kina. Adopted daughter of a noble family involved in the affairs of a young metropolitan bestowed the name “Alexandria”, she was an output of the families funds, technically a spoiled child. The Elf’s foster parents were both of Human descent, and found Ephixa’s natural Elven beauty to be enviable, and side-by-side with their true son, initially had plans for the two.

By age eight, Ephixa had her self a healthy family life. The four member family all treated each with tender affection and care. Edward, Ephixa’s elder brother, watched over her with almost criminal intent, playing her as if she were his and only. A treasure that only he could reclaim, and soon this disguised over-protective elder brother’s motive would be revealed;However, life moved forward for Ephixa, whom had been granted a wish come true by her parents almost ‘elite’ head in the fleeting metropolitan. The chance to become an understudy for the local wizardry academy, which was at this particular time in history populated with some of Avik’s most shady men and women of the sciences. A naive and ecstatic Ephixa began her study in haste and with natural intelligence keen to that of the Elves, she jettisoned herself to the head of a class that was populated with middle-aged Alexandrian citizens who’d been studying the magics for decades. Thoroughly frustrated, the classmates shared their concern with the heads of the academy, and demanded something be done to hinder the teen-genius’ progress, no matter the cost. Under brief consideration with Ephixa’s position, the Headmaster summoned the now fourteen Elf to his office on the eve of a beautiful autumn’s day. Naturally, the studious and by now egotistical Ephixa came to visit with books in arm, claiming a seat in the center of a gorgeously decorated office. Lines of sultry texts surrounded the duo on lavish mahogany(or Avikian equivalent)woods. Unbeknownst to the Elf, she was as well seated in the center of a generously decorated spell-circle, which after a brief conversation with the normal looking headmaster of age 71, was sprung. Arms of arcane pinned the Elf to the ground, and left her in a state of mental degeneration. The crafty wizard had created a spell to raze the child’s mind into a state of madness, one that he hoped would render her incapable of natural learning abilities. Much to the dismay of the cheerful, and in his own right, mad wizard, this specific spell unlocked something deep inside the young Elf that bore into her tribal roots, and a horrifying screech lept from the girls mouth, such a pitch that it was arcane in its own origin. From the deepest of her bosom’s reaches, she conjured up the inner-witch to quite literally destroy her headmaster’s mind with her voice, and in a blind rage from the spells continued drain, she unlocked more and more of her in-born abilities. Her lavish pale blonde hair grew and intertwined into thick locks, almost like tentacles protruding from her head, to be used as a weapon in her mad-driven rage of the arcane. Books and furniture were tossed amok, and soon the tentacle like hairs shattered the bonds of the spell, freeing Ephixa. In a crescendo of pure chaos, the Elf adolescent climbed to her feet, driven by a painful cackle as her hairs tore at the Arch-Mage, shredding his wares and tearing at his flesh. Bearing a distinctly evil gaze into the very soul of her momentary nemesis, the inborn-Witch summoned forth her hair to pin the dazzled wizard against his own desk, slowly scorching his body with the spells the academy itself had instructed her on. In such a state, Ephixa was not truly Ephixa, but Roi’kina, the tribal elf of the Avikian plains.

Upon hearing of such monstrosities, Ephixa was greatly feared by the entirety of the town, and even her beloved parents found her to be a damnation. The once charming and elegant young Elf became a symbol of all that was wrong with the arcane, it wasn’t long before she was confined to her home, permitted only visitation from her Elder brother. A few months passed on, and as popularity of the Arch-Mage’s fate slowly grew, Ephixa’s parents bore the burden politically, and became less favored in the Metropolitan’s council with which they were a part of, and took all of this out on the adopted child. Her savior in all of this, however, being the elder sibling she shared all her time with. Not long after her parents were removed entirely from the council was she exiled to the murky swamps northernmost of the town, and found herself a home in this most unforgiving of places. From the financial aid of her brother, she was capable of building a home out of honest materials in this swamp, from which she lived on her lonesome, crazed by the remnants of her Headmaster’s curse, and the pain of loneliness she succumbed to. It’d be wise to note, that by this time she had reached the tender age of 17, and her brother was successfully claiming entrepreneurship of a growing courier enterprise at the age of 24. It was at the time, that the original destiny wished upon the two by their mother was invoked, and although the idea was loathed by their parents, Edward basked in the idea of having such a gorgeous and intelligent bride, and such asked Ephixa to be wed. The idea, once proposed to by Edward on a thin evening in her swamp-side home, made her burst into a fit of maddening cackles. The mistake made by Edward was the completely naive nature of the beauty he wished to call his wife; completely driven into a childish state where the idea of long-term relations was out of the question in her own guise. She was so intelligent it indeed made her mad, even if the effect of the spell had been warded off.

Naturally angered by the Elf’s cruel response to his open-heart, Edward made leave for his last time, damning Ephixa to a life of loneliness, and poor quality. An amusing damnation as it had been Ephixa’s curse since her unraveling in the academy. From the view of her swampside home, Ephixa became a person of myth and a tale often passed down between children during festivals. ‘The witch of the swamp’ she became known locally. Did it bother her at all? She wasn’t keen enough to recognize it as an insult! As natural as an Elf is, though, the woman grew to her full self at 19, and stayed that way for decades while her foster-brother Edward married, aged, and died. Ephixa made her only public appearance since the academy incident at his funeral, more or less to picket and giggle at the effected. This is where, quite suddenly, she’d receive an invitation, one that particularly tickled her fancy considering her life of seclusion and self-amusement. Naturally compelled to attend, Ephixa made due haste to Avion City with her familiar in tow.

Ephixa Redleaf

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