El' Eravi

The El’Eravi is a nomadic group of elite wizards with a purpose of good. Often they will go to small villages and preform free services and teach younger, less experienced wizards. The internal structure of the organization is a three step hierarchy. When someone is a capable enough wizard or sorcerer (they do not except warlocks, rage mages, wild mages, or any other chaotic style of casting.) they have the ability to become a prospect. a prospect has no say in what the party does, or where it goes, but he or she must preform the same number of duties as the next step up, the grays. the gray mages of the El’Eravi are the substance of the group and make up its mass majority. When the Guild comes to a town, it is the gray mages that preform the more standard tasks of fixing the town up and helping the laborers. The final step is the white mage. In this class, there are always only two, a great master, and a master apprentice. Both are the leaders of the group and have the same authority as the other. The Great master is always older than the master apprentice, who takes his place when he dies. at that point the former master apprentice picks the strongest wizard that is still young enough to fill the roll and selects him to be his master apprentice. If ever there is a decision where a master apprentice and a great master done agree with each other, then the grays all take a vote on what is to be done. All races are welcomed, but a few make up the most of the institution. These are Humans, half-Elves, elves, and gnomes.

To join you must meet these prerequisites:

  • be non-evil and non-chaotic except chaotic good.
  • cast level 4 spells (arcane or divine).
  • present yourself to the El’eravi and pass their personal ethics test.


  • can cast or prepare one extra abjuration spell per level of known spells, if you can cast that spell.
  • Learn spell “blue bonds” and “blue ring of protection”

Blue bonds
sorc/wiz 0, clr 1, duskblade 2, hexblade 1, all others 2.

  • No matter where you are on Terra, the El’eravi know your location and can come and assist you if the geographical distance is not too great. Can be sent with three levels of stress: non-emergency, urgent, Emergency.

Blue ring of protection
sorc/wiz 1, all others 2. not divine.

all magic within 60 feet is dispelled. absolute.

El' Eravi

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